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Welcome to Wildcats!

We’re a gymnastics club located in Mornington, Victoria. We’ve been up and running for 4 years now but we come with a wealth of knowledge! Wildcats is a name we’ve had at 3 venues. The Club started in Cape Town, South Africa. Jenny and Charles Minster had just spent 10 years in England, and whilst is wasn’t our favorite place – it’s probably the best place in the world for a coaching education. We then moved to Hobart where we took over a small club called Sorell Gymnasts, we soon changed the name, the venue and the uniform. Our gymnasts soon became polished performers and started to win competitions in every level we competed in.

We moved Wildcats over to Mornington where Jenny and daughter Beverly opened on Torca Terrace. Within 3 years we out grew the small factory and moved into a gym at least twice the size!

We combine the best coaching along with great equipment enabling us to lead children through our progressive curriculum. Our aim is to offer your child a program and opportunity which aims to meet the diversity of each gymnasts goals, level of involvement and commitment.

Gymnastics is such an incredible sport for all age groups. Along with strength, flexibility and balance it’s a great foundation for other sports. It’s a great way to teach discipline, confidence, fitness, a team spirit, an improved attitude, you make friends for life, and it can improve your results at school. Gymnastics is a very rewarding sport. When you learn a new skill, or you master an element you’ve been working hard on, there is no greater achievement than feeling proud of yourself.

Add iron and steel to beauty and grace, stir in the will to win with a bright smiling face, blend the love for the sport and the friendship within, fold in the bumps and bruises on the surface of the skin, mix in soft flowing arms and straight pointed toes, with a twist of the head to complete a beautiful pose.