2021 Classes

Wildcats Gymnastics Club

Wildcats Gymnastics Club welcomes all children to get involved and participate in our exciting range of programs and classes for 2021. There are a variety of classes available to suit the needs of your family; helping to keep you fit, active and moving for life.

Our Kindergym programs are designed to teach fundamental movement patterns and introduce gymnastics skills in a fun and engaging environment. With a focus on early childhood physical development, sessions include a variety of activities and circuits that incorporate climbing, crawling, jumping, rolling, swinging and balancing.

Our qualified coaches provide a positive learning environment of physical development and personal growth. Young children are encouraged to explore new ways of moving whilst having fun and building friendships.

Gymnastics helps young children to build a solid foundation incorporating the following:

Cognitive skills                                Body Awareness

Functional movement                   Strength

Confidence                                        Coordination

Friendships                                      Flexibility


50 minutes – 2.5 to 3.5 years old
This 50-minute class is designed for children who are 2.5 to 3.5 years old.

With a focus on holistic physical and mental development, this program enables children to build confidence and further their movement abilities. Through gymnastic focused skills, cross patterning and the development of gross and fine motor skills, our GymTots program gives your child a great start to their physical life.

Children participate in this program with the assistance of a parent or caregiver and are guided by an accredited Gymnastics Victoria instructor with opportunities for independent learning. By incorporating play, gymnastics shapes and skills and monthly themes, this helps make learning a stimulating and exciting experience for all.


50 minutes – 4 to 5 years old

This 50-minute class is designed for children aged 4 to 5 years old. Children participate in this program independent of their parent/carer and focus on developing fundamental gymnastics shapes and skills with progressions towards rolls, handstands and cartwheels.

Our coaches guide children in experiencing age-appropriate gymnastics skills whilst encouraging active learning and engagement. Young children are challenged and experience physical growth whilst developing school-readiness skills including patience, respect, listening and following instructions.

Our circuit style classes include use of a variety of gymnastics equipment and apparatus that help children achieve a balance of challenge and success. Skills learnt in these classes can then be transferred to other sports and activities in everyday life.

What’s Next?

After children graduate from our KinderGym program they can move into our Educational Gymnastics, Competitive or NinjaGym programs.

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Our Educational Gymnastics programs are skill based, non-competitive classes that aim to help children learn and develop a love of movement through gymnastics skills on the vault beam, bars, floor and trampoline.

These classes help school-aged children build a strong foundation of strength, fitness, cognitive skills, balance, functional movement, coordination and flexibility in a fun and supportive environment. Our accredited coaches help children to achieve new skills and come away from lessons feeling a sense of success from individual improvement.

Fundamental gymnastics skills including handstands, cartwheels, pullovers and casts are taught amongst a variety of jumps, leaps and swings. Classes are age-based so that children can participate with friends




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Jumping Jacks

1 hour – Prep to 6.5 years old

This class is for children currently attending primary school, from Prep to those aged 6.5 years old. This program is designed to help young children grow, develop and build friendships whilst learning gymnastics skills and physical movement through fun and engaging activities. Gymnastics skills such as cartwheels, rolls and handstands are taught amongst jumps and swings to develop well-rounded children with a love of movement.

Our qualified coaches work alongside your child to help them master basic gymnastics skills to practice at gym, home and school. These classes give children a great start to a happy and healthy lifestyle by combining play and sport together whilst building fitness, strength and flexibility in a safe and encouraging environment.

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1.5 hours – 7 to 9 years old

This class is for children 7 to 9 years of age who want to learn gymnastics in a fun and supportive environment. Classes are age and skill based, allowing children to participate with friends, learn new gymnastics skills, improve basics and challenge themselves with more difficult elements.

This skill-based, non-competitive class is suitable for beginners as well as those with previous gymnastics experience. Children will be given opportunities to learn skills on the bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline in addition to developing strength with warm up games, fun conditioning programs and group activities.

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1.5 hours – 9.5 to 13+ years old

This class is for middle school children aged 9.5 to 13+ years old. Children in this program will be given opportunities to learn new skills on all gymnastics apparatus and tackle more challenging elements alongside friends. Our focus is to encourage active participation in teens by creating a positive physical activity experience.

This program is highly recommended for those looking to build confidence and feel more comfortable engaging in sporting activities at gym, home and school. These classes are age and skill based, so children are constantly progressing, achieving goals and experiencing success.

Our coaches will encourage, guide and challenge your child, enabling them to feel safe and supported in attempting new gymnastic skills and activities.

What’s Next?

After children graduate from our KinderGym program they can move into our Educational Gymnastics, Competitive or NinjaGym programs.

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Our NinjaGym program

Incorporates parkour, gymnastics elements, trampolining, tumbling and ninja moves in exciting and discovery based classes. With jumping, landing, swinging and climbing elements, these classes are high energy and skill based.

This program is suitable for a range of children at different skill levels, with age and gender-based class options. All participants are encouraged to challenge their physical abilities in a safe and controlled environment.

These programs aim to build strength and confidence that can be transferred to other sports and physical activities. During your child’s participation in this program, they will be given opportunities to move up to new levels and further progress their abilities.

Children will develop ninja disciplines and transferable life skills such as respect, discipline and cooperation whilst having fun, improving their athleticism and movement for life.




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1 hour – Prep to 6.5 years old

This 1-hour class is for children in Prep to those aged 6.5 years old. These mixed gender classes give children the opportunity to improve their strength, fitness and general movement through running, jumping, landing, climbing, swinging, balancing and rolling skills. Designed to bring out every child’s adventurous and daring side, these classes includelearning new ninja moves in a safe and challenging environment. Incorporating a love of movement through fun, energy filled and engaging circuits, young children’s physical abilities are developed as they grow in confidence and coordination.

These classes are fantastic for building a solid foundation for future physical activities and sporting endeavours.

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1 hour – 7 to 9 years old

This 1-hour mixed gender class is for children aged 7 to 9 years old who want to further develop their physical skills, make friends and train like a ninja warrior. With the growing trend of the Ninja Warrior television series, our focus is on encouraging physical activity through opportunities to learn gymnastics skills, tumbling, jumping and parkour elements in a safe environment.

These classes allow children to learn at their own pace, with opportunities for free play and guided movement discovery. Classes include ninja bar work, parkour circuits and obstacle courses, trampoline tricks and tumbling and in class challenges.

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Ninja Extreme

1 hour – 9.5 to 13+ years old

These 1-hour Ninja Xtreme classes are for youth aged 9.5 to 13+ years old. These classes help to build friendships; enabling participants to feel included and comfortable whilst challenging their abilities in a fun setting. These classes will be focused on teaching more complex and skill-based movements incorporating gymnastics, tumbling, parkour, free movement and ninja warrior skills.

What’s Next?

Why not try our Educational Tumbling Program…

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Tumbling program

Our tumbling program is designed for children aged 9 to 13+ years old. Ideal for acrobats, cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts, these classes provide an opportunity to further one’s skills, work to improve a specific element or achieve a new tumble whilst maintaining fitness and experiencing new skill success. These classes incorporate the floor, trampoline and air-track where gymnasts learn correct landing and jumping techniques in addition to saults, aerials, round-offs, back and front handsprings, connections and twisting elements.

Our qualified coaches will work alongside your child to set goals and ensure ongoing progression of skills. With classes conducted in a team environment, tumbling provides children with the opportunity to build friendships whilst having fun and challenging themselves with new skills.

To be considered for both our educational and competitive tumbling programs, children will undergo an initial assessment and must be able to demonstrate competency of basic gymnastics elements as well as a willingness to try new skills.

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Educational Tumbling

1 hour – 9 to 13+ years

Our educational tumbling for 9 to 13+ year olds train for 1 hour a week, with the opportunity for a second class if desired. This is a great non-competitive option for individuals who wish to further develop their tumbling ability and learn new skills in a safe and fun environment. Children will be placed in classes with other students who are at a similar skill level thus enabling them to work together, support each other and build friendships.

What’s Next?

Bring out your competitive side with our Competitive Gymnastics Program…

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Competitive Gymnastics

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) classes are offered at Wildcats Gymnastics Club with opportunities for driven and passionate gymnasts to challenge themselves and their abilities in a sport that they love. Our competitive gymnastics program teaches children responsibility, teamwork, leadership, determination and courage whilst fostering a positive ‘never give up’ attitude. Our incredible coaches work alongside your child, encouraging them and teaching them to believe in themselves.

Athletes in this program will be challenged with a focus on technique and learning complex new skills whilst developing lasting friendships and a sense of purpose and belonging. Competitive gymnastics gives children a great start to future physical activities and challenges helping your daughter grow in strength, flexibility and most importantly confidence in herself.

The team-based environment of both training sessions and competitions facilitate teamwork and a group atmosphere, where gymnasts work together to achieve their goals.

Wildcats Gymnastics Club only offers a limited hour competitive gymnastics program. All of our competitive artistic gymnastics’ programs follow a selection process, whereby interested children undergo an assessment and testing period in Term 4 of the year prior.

Teams are then selected and finalised in December of the year prior. Upon being selected for a competitive team, the first term is run as a trial period with Wildcats reserving the right to make any necessary group changes. Group sizes, ages and training hours will vary between levels and competition groups, with children training on 2 to 3 days a week totalling 7.5 to 12 hours/week.

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Our development squad program focuses on preparing young gymnasts (aged 6 – 7+) for a future in competitive artistic gymnastics. Gymnasts will learn the basics of competitive gymnastics with the opportunity to compete later in the year. Gymnasts are selected for this team through an application and selection process.

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ALP Streams

Our ALP stream follows the Australian Levels Program for the four apparatuses: vault, bars, beam and floor. Throughout the year, children train and compete set skills in addition to progressing towards higher level skills. Our competitive program teaches gymnasts coordination, confidence and creativity, providing your daughter with the opportunity to shine bright and achieve her goals.